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   Kanachur Islamic Education Trust (R)


KANACHUR Islamic Education trust - the sponsoring body was founded in the year 2001 by Dr. Haji U K Monu. It is a family trust where Dr. Haji U K Monu is the founder trustee and the other trustees are Mrs. Zohara Monu W/o of U K Monu, Mrs. Umaya Banu D/o U K Monu, Mr. Abdul Rahiman S/o of U K Monu, Mrs.Farida D/o U K Monu and Dr. Abida D/o U K Monu. The prime objective of the non profit making charitable trust was to set the landable objective of providing inclusive education.

and creating equality of opportunities to students from different strata of society. A child which joined kanachur school at kindergarten can go through elementary, primary and secondary levels of education and can take up higher education in the same place for their professional career enhancement. A boy or girl can qualify himself or herself with sufficient knowledge and skills to settle down in life.
The trust takes care of children who are good in studies but from the economically weaker sections; from the communities around, by offering scholarships in their education fees and provides them the much needed educational materials and or support they need; enabling them to complete their formal education with a spirit of values and instilling in them the moral principles of humanity.


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