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He was born on 13th July, 1955, in Pattori Grama, Konaje, Mangaluru. Completed his elementary education and got into small tasks / works in and around the locality. He began working at a very early age with a small scale timber business in and around Mangalore. Mudigere and Chikamagalur. Dr Monu was also driven and resilient and never settled for less and his backbreaking work paid huge dividends as he scaled up his business and kept expanding.
As the maxim expresses - “The Almighty will bless you where there is a confluence of courage, intelligence, quest, industriousness & ability.”

Dr. Haji U.K. Monu is the Founder Chairman of Kanachur Group of Industries & Institutions, Mangalore, Karnataka, India. Over the last 4 decades he has planned and worked relentlessly; and achieved accolades for his outstanding contribution into the fields of education, social work, religious services and businesses both within and outside India. We rarely find the achievers who have done remarkable things through their painstaking work, commitment, perseverance and character though they have only basic literacy. His dimensions of life encompass moments of dilemma, pride, humiliation, wonder, curiosity and much more which he manifested - won over and triumphed; these were his incredible pages of life.
Kanachur Monu, as he is fondly known among the masses, epitomizes grit and resilience. He can be appreciated as an industrialist, a founder of educational institutions, a social servant, a politician and one who believes in humane values. His life stories of hard work, perseverance, fight against poverty and the visionary quest behind his accomplishments are worth listening to, firsthand.
Dr. Haji U.K. Monu a self-taught and a self-made entrepreneur and an educationist with an undying passion for constant learning and amelioration . His empathetic nature empowers his social service reach; thus helping many poor families who are economically backward, facilitating fee concessions and free education for really deserving students. He has held free mass marriages for poor couples. He has covered a vast sphere of business interests and diverse social ventures too, providing both direct and indirect employment to scores of people. He has business establishments in Burma, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Malaysia, Africa, South America, Indonesia.
Inspite of facing numerous difficulties and challenges during his initial days towards the path of achievement; his undeterred dedication, relentless hard work, and in-depth commitment to excellence makes him a role model for the younger generations to draw inspiration from and to progress. His contributions and accolades to society are truly commendable.
In the space of social and religious organizations; he has held several positions viz Chairman of the District Wakf Board Committee, Vice President of South Indian Plywood Manufacturers Association, Vice President of Karnataka Timber Importers Association, and an active member of Lions Club of Mangalagangothri, Konaje Mangalore. In his entrepreneurial ventures, he has established a successful business empire that spans across the globe; including Singapore, Dubai, Myanmar, Africa and Europe.
His business ventures include : U.K. Monu timbers, Kanachur Wood Industries and Kanachur Seasoning Industries. In his passion for imparting education Dr. Haji U.K. Monu has established several educational institutions: Kanachur Public School ,Kanachur Pre-University College for Women, Kanachur Institute of Management and Science, Kanachur Institute of Medical Sciences, Kanachur Institute of Physiotherapy, Kanachur College of Nursing Sciences and Kanachur Institute of Allied Health Sciences; all of which have contributed immensely to the education and well-being of the community.
Dr. Haji UK Monu has been conferred with a series of Awards and Recognitions in his lifetime - accolading his contribution to the society and selfless service. He has not only envisioned and planned his story but also made it a reality. He has created job opportunities for thousands of people and also provided the best of education i.e. primary, secondary, college and higher education (healthcare) at the unitary campus at Natekal, Mangaluru to multitudes of children, who are in pompous positions today; serving the world over.